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Wednesday , October , 21 2020
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Men encounter specific problems with regard to urological health. Dr. Press understands and treats these conditions with the most advanced and, where possible, least invasive procedures.

Prostate Cancer:
Treatment: Each patient is assessed, individually, for the appropriate treatment. Options include:

Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy - Minimally invasive performed by Dr. Press and, resulting in shorter hospital stay and shorter recovery. Data indicates that this technique has proven as effective as traditionally, invasive surgery. Learn More

Cryotherapy - A minimally invasive technique that destroy cancerous cells using argon gas to cool the prostate. Ultrasound images limit any damage to surrounding tissue. Learn More

Radioactive Seed Implants - There are two techniques: Low Dose and High Dose. In both cases radioactive seed implants are inserted into the prostate as Dr. Press uses ultrasound as a guide to properly position the implants, and to protect healthy prostate tissue. Learn More